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Leadership Training

Hundreds of pastors have been trained and educated at Bethlehem Bible College since 1974 for church planting and community development.
We offer:

  • Full-term college degree program, which includes vocational training in the following areas: Tailoring, driving, basic computer training, TV assembling and repairs.
  • Short courses, seminars, workshops, camps and conferences for church leaders.
  • In 2014 we began offering training to both men and women.
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Church Planting

By God’s grace, we have started over 80 congregations. Churches range from small house churches of 8 to 15 members, to congregations of about 250. Most graduates from Bethlehem Bible College are preaching in these churches.

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Community Development Projects

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  • Safe Water

    About 70% people of India do not have clean drinking water available to them. In many areas of India people [especially women] have to carry water [mostly on their heads], from half a mile to two miles for their family use every day. Most water resources are impure and not safe to drink without purification.
    Bethlehem Living Water is responding by providing solutions for clean and safe water for communities throughout India. We help save lives by training communities how to have safe water and empower communities to take care of their long-term water needs.


  • Goat Project

    We provide a family with 6 female and 1 male goats. Goats survive on almost anything edible. Usually the mother gives birth to one or two litters that then can be sold for meat, for domestication purposes, providing milk and cheese.
    Why Goats?  The cow is a sacred animal and in most parts of India beef is not available.  Where there are a large number of Muslims, there is no pork available either. Goat meat provides an available/ethical/economical option.


  • Chicken Project

    A family is provided with a few chickens [these can either be egg layers or broilers], depending upon the area available with the family. This also is a very profitable project because goat meat is comparatively more expensive.  Chicken is preferred by many families for eating.


  • Sewing Machine Project

    We provide sewing machines that can help a family provide clothing for their families and help them earn income by selling them in a local store. In most part of India readymade clothes sold in stores are more expensive than hand sewn clothes.


  • Supply Stores

    If a family has a space [about 10’x10’] in the front of their house, a store can be started with daily supply goods. It is very convenient for people from villages and small towns to just walk to the store and get what they need. The commodities that the family keeps here depend upon the need and demand of the communities.


  • Cafés

    We have established cafes in church compounds [where we have a church building] where tea, coffee and snacks can be sold by the Christian family who runs it. The important part is that since the café is going to be in a church compound, there will be no outside elements allowed that may create problems. In the café there is Christian music, songs and messages that are played during the hours it is open.