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Sharing God's love with people.

Our Vision

Declaring the transformational love and hope of Jesus throughout India.

Our Mission

Addressing the physical and spiritual needs for the people of India through integral disciple-making. In hopes of bringing healing and reconciliation through Living Water. We seek to provide holistic transformation through proclamation of the Word and demonstration, in the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Strategy

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  1. Preachers and leaders through Bethlehem Bible College.
  2. Individuals in health-related uses of water for harvesting and storing clean water.
  3. Community leaders for self-sustaining and vocational projects.
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Churches to engage in their local communities through:

  1. Integral discipleship-making.
  2. Water club development; instructing people in water harvesting, storage and purification.
  3. Addressing physical felt needs in the community.
  4. Self-sustaining and vocational projects.
  5. Pre-schools in the community.
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  1. Planting simple churches that will birth other simple churches in nearby villages and communities. Teaching and training church leaders towards self-sustaining projects.
  2. Creating sustainable community owned health initiatives (water sanitation etc.)

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