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September 2017

Poonam’s Story

The day Poonam was born, her mother died. Her uncle and aunt raised her. Later, a preacher came to their village and shared the Gospel with them. Her aunt and uncle were changed, but Poonam wasn't willing to believe. Later, when Poonam had to be hospitalized, her doctor, who was a believer, and a young man accompanying the doctor, came to pray for her. Through their teachings and prayers, Poonam’s life changed. Her uncle and aunt arranged her marriage to the young man who had come to pray for them. The young man's parents were not believers. They were very upset because he married a girl they didn't like and who didn’t bring any dowry, so they kicked them out of their house. Poonam and her new husband went through a very difficult time financially and emotionally. They now have two children, a 4-year old boy and a 3-year old girl.

Poonam wanted to study the Bible so much that she has enrolled in a three-year course in Bethlehem Bible College. Her children are with her husband, while she finishes her degree. Please pray that she will be able to fulfill her dream and that the Lord will take care of her family while she lives in another state, far from them.

Photo of snakes found in Girls Dorm

One of our girls found a snake in her bed. Another found a snake under her book. Thankfully, these were not poisonous and no one was bitten. (Snakes come out after it rains.)

Health Update

Romola needs eye surgery on both eyes to prevent blindness. Surgery on her first eye was successful. Her next surgery will be October 10. Jay also needs eye surgery on one eye, which is scheduled for October 3. This will delay their return to India until the new year. Of course, this adds to our medical bills. Please pray for Jay and Romola’s continued recovery and for additional resources to cover medical expenses.

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