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Greetings from India!


Her Name Is Nayam

She is nine years old. She can’t hold her head up and her arms are so weak that she can’t use her hands for everyday activities. Other schools have rejected her admission. But, our Marwahi pre-school has accepted her. Our senior teacher is helping and encouraging Nayan just like she helped Samrat, another child with special needs. Nayan has learned to use her feet for things we would use our hands. Now she is learning to write with them. She is full of life and has a sparkle in her eyes and smile.

Nayan’s family, like other families with disabled children, constantly tell us how grateful they are for a school where their children receive unlimited love and care. We feel blessed to serve and care for these special needs children. We are always very thankful for your prayers and support for this work of the Lord’s. Your partnership is our strength.

(See the newsletter archives October 2013 issue for Samrat’s story.)

Nayam learning to write


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