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October-November 2018

Counting Our Blessings

We thought we’d share some excerpts from a letter we just received from Jay and Romola . . .

We have not been able to write regularly, but as we pray everyday, we do think of you, pray for you and thank God for your love, care and prayers for us.

The Lord continues to bless us in more ways than we anticipate. There are so many opportunities and open doors now that we are amazed at the provisions of the Lord. Not that life has become easier, on the contrary, we are under more pressure than before. But herein lies the amazing power of the invisible hand of the Lord. In spite of our trials and hardships, He grants us victory over victory!

Ernest and Numreta are looking after the administration of the Bible college and the field work. They keep in touch with different areas of the field through personal contact, on the phone or WhatsApp with the preachers and other leaders. They are also involved in a lot of counseling to the Bible college students. The students here are from 11 different backgrounds of culture, language, food habits, social settings etc. It takes time and counseling for these students to feel at home. Ernest and Numreta also teach a few subjects at the college. Plus, they take time to care for us! 

We are blessed with our team that the Lord has provided, both at the college and in the field. We all share the dream of “Making Disciples who will Make Disciples”. It is a blessing to see these young men and women study diligently with the aim to go out  and fulfill the command of Christ.

Thanks for being our partners in His work. Please pray for us, for our team, our work and for our future plans.

—Jay and Romola Henry

Jan and Romola will be at the ICOM in Cincinnati next week. If you attend, be sure to stop by booth #624 and say hello. We’d love to see you!

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