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November 2017

From Your Editor

This time of year our mailbox (you know, holds snail mail) is filled every day with every catalog in print. Oh, and more than a few requests for donations. The Symphony wants our money as does our local PBS station. We hear from Smile Train, Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, the Kidney Foundation, the American Heart Association, Heifer Project, City Gospel Mission, IDES, and any organization we’ve ever donated to. Some we even currently support on a monthly basis! We also get pleas from any place we’ve visited on a mission trip-children’s homes, Christian colleges, and other non-profit service organizations. Of course, the colleges we’ve attended and the ones our children attended all ask for money too. All of them are doing good works. That is not the issue. The issue is that we don’t make all that much money. One of us is retired. (The other one ought to be!) Our medical costs are going through the roof and the government is taxing us half to death.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re ok. We just struggle to find ways to support our church and the works that are close to our hearts. And it seems the needs are growing faster daily.

This mission is no different. Jay & Romola’s medical costs have really put a dent in the budget. The droughts & continually dropping water table, the floods that seriously damaged buildings at the college, a sinkhole that took out half the foundation of one of our two-story churches and the ever-growing poverty of those we serve are day-to-day challenges.

And, yes, we have told you about these things. And, praise God, you have responded. But the needs are still there.

So, at the risk of becoming yet another worthwhile cause stuffing your mailbox, please let me ask you to consider giving something more. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount. (Although we wouldn’t refuse a million or two!) Ask your Sunday school class to contribute. Make it a family project or one for your Scout troop. Save your spare change in a jar for us. Every dollar is needed. Every dollar is appreciated.

Mason jar full of pocket change

Thank you so much! Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.     —Your Editor

P.S. Coming to ICOM? Stop by booth 1120 and visit!

Bethlehem Living Water | PO Box 119 | Bethel OH 45106 | 513-335-4474

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