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May 2016

India is facing an acute water shortage problem. The national water level has dropped 75%, affecting more than 330 million people. This year is worse than we have faced in the past four years of drought. In our area, over 8 million people have fled to other regions.

What we see in our area and nearby villages is a pathetic sight—men, women and children are constantly in search of water, hauling it in containers on their heads, on carts, on bicycles and bullock carts from miles away every day.

Clean drinking water is scarce and people must pay a heavy price to purchase it.

Our campus, where the mission offices, the Bethlehem Bible College, staff apartments, boys’ and girls’ dorms are located, faces an acute water shortage. Our farmland is also totally dry and we cannot grow crops. Our own surface wells have dried up. The deep water well yields very little water. We are only able to draw water for perhaps 10 minutes before we have to wait for the well to recharge. This is far too little for what we need on the campus. Especially with daily temperatures reaching 115°F or even higher.

bottom of dry well

The question before us is how are we (the family), our staff, their families and our students going to survive without drinking water. We are also concerned about the poor, needy and others who are struggling in our area.

Please join us in prayer so that God may intervene in solving this water shortage. Would you please also help us provide a financial solution to this desperate problem? Your help will save lives!

We are humbly requesting you to please pray for this very serious situation. We need to deepen our surface wells, our deep wells and dig some fresh wells. We plan to meet the basic water needs of the people of our area. It costs $9,500 to dig a surface well 20’ wide and 50’ deep. (To serve as reservoirs when the Monsoons come.) It costs $2,000 to drill a deep (500’) well. (Deeper than our current well.) It costs $10,000 to purchase a water tank truck that holds 1000 gallons of drinking water.

As we plan and pray for enough water for our daily use, we also plan to provide life-saving water to the desperate and needy. While we do this by God’s grace, we will also have an opportunity to witness about the “Living Water” and the eternal blessings that come with Him. This will give us an opportunity to show others what “Bethlehem Living Water” truly means.

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Ed’s note: Imagine the next time you flushed the toilet, no water filled the tank. Or that when you turned on the shower the only thing that happened was the pipes made noise. Or that when you turned on your kitchen faucet, you only got a few drops of water a minute. Imagine the neighbor’s pond was dry and dusty and the nearby creek hadn’t had water in it for weeks. Imagine the ground as hard as concrete. Then imagine you and your kids having to carry buckets and cans for miles in search of some muddy puddle at the bottom of a ravine; that you had to wait your turn in line before filling your containers and trudging back home. Water is heavy. And you must do this every day. For weeks. Months . . .

Bethlehem Living Water | PO Box 119 | Bethel OH 45106 | 513-335-4474

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