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Special Prayer Request

MARCH 2018

We have a special prayer request for you today.

Some of our donors have dropped their financial support of ministers, because they don’t read about them in our newsletters and don’t feel involved in these men’s lives. Truly, we understand. But, we also understand the very real risks these men live with every single day. If we share their names, the details of their lives, and where they minister, we could easily be signing their death warrants.

Now, we know none of you would intentionally expose these men and their families to such danger. But emails are easily intercepted. We could stop posting our newsletters to our website, but that doesn’t resolve email’s basic security issues. Going back to paper newsletters is too expensive and not much safer. All it takes is someone posting on FaceBook how excited they are to be supporting this minister in India, mentioning his name and where his church is, and the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

The fact is, it makes our folks nervous for us to even discuss this issue.

So we need your prayers that our supporters will understand that we can’t share more. Pray that God will give us all patient, trusting hearts. And pray that God will protect our brothers and sisters in India and wherever Christians are harassed and persecuted.

For more insight into the situation in India, watch this news clip.

For more detailed information about why your email isn’t secure, read these helpful articles:
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You may also like to subscribe (for free) to Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.
(They also don’t share names works, or plans of Christians in certain areas of the world for exactly the same reasons.)

We thank God so much for your prayers and your faithful support. You are a blessing!

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