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Struggles Continue

July 2016

The good news is that Ernest (McFarland) is back in India, and we have started work on deepening the first two wells.

looking into the bottom of well being deepened

If you look hard, you can see a worker standing in the bottom of the well. The dark area is the new area being dug out. 

crew working from top of the well

View from the top. This should give you an idea of how big the well is. These are some of the laborers who are helping drill deeper. 

However, the Monsoons have arrived with a vengence this year. We’ve gone from wondering where we will get water to drink to being worried about getting washed away! Our state and several nearby states are suffering from serious flooding. We have been forced to stop work on the wells until after the Monsoons are over. 

Current estimates are that 30,000 houses have been damaged-18,000 of which have been severely damaged or destroyed. Our own campus also suffered flood/storm damage. We have asked IDES for $9600 in immediate help. Of course, we appreciate any additional support you can offer. As always, we covet your prayers. 

We would also like to express our thanks to our retiring board members Darryl Moulder and Mike Stewart. Each of these men served for over 30 years. We will miss them and their leadership. Darryl still serves as minister of Lakeview Christian Church in Akron, Ohio, and Mike is minister at First Christian Church in Urbana, Ohio.

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