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Greetings from India!


Family report

Our students are our family. Most are from the poorest families in the world. Many must trek hundreds of miles over days and days to get to us. So when a student becomes ill, we can’t just call mom and dad to come pick them up from school.

Manjetta is from Nepal. She had a bad cough and cold and complained of a strange pain in her ribs. We sent her to doctors twice, and they treated her for infection. But, her pain continued. We sent her in again for a more thorough examination. This time, doctors ordered chest x-rays. Manjetta has severe tuberculosis! She was so weak we couldn’t send her home, so we started the intensive (and expensive) treatment. The first critical month was difficult, but we are through that now, and we thank God she is much better. She must continue treatment and medication for at least another six months.

Please pray for Manjetta’s full recovery.

On another note, Jay Henry is nearly back to normal. He has resumed all of his activities and is getting reliable medication now. He and Romala will be back in the U.S. in February and staying through August. (If you would like to schedule a visit to your church please contact Becky Conover at 513.335.4474 with your preferred dates.)

Jay, Ernest, their families, Bible college staff and students send you wishes for a Merry Christmas and thank God for your faithful support.


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