Bethlehem Living Water wishes you a

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!



We Have Clean Water To Drink!


For the past several years, we have faced water shortages which became acute during the summer. This year our need for water became critical. We are so thankful for our churches and friends who gave us generous gifts for deep wells.

We were able to find the right people (a Christian organization) to do the job. It took several days to find the right spot and to find the specialists who run the drill machine. They dug 3 wells on the campus, all of which had to go down past 1000 ft. The first one hit a little water. The second one was dry. But the third one hit plenty of water. This is such a blessing.

Now that we have water on our campus, Lord willing, we plan to dig wells at all our village Christian churches. Christians are not allowed to use the village wells where they live.

group around new well as it pumps water

Our great thanks also go to everyone who helped with the flood damage relief. All the damaged buildings (many were homes for Bible College staff and their families) have been torn down and rebuilding has begun.

All praise to God. May the Lord bless you this Christmas season with health, happiness and safety. We keep you in our prayers daily.

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