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Round Two - More Floods


There has been more severe flooding in Madha Pradesh, the state where the mission is located. (It looks like very much like our Louisiana at the moment.) The water is knee-deep everywhere. Several people have been killed.

Pedestrians in city street in waist high water

People waiting through city streets because of floodwaters.                     (

The Bethlehem Bible College campus is flooded. Two of the staff housing buildings must be torn down because the flood damage is so great. The classroom building was also severely damaged and all classes had to be suspended.

people in raft floating down city street

Rowing down the city street to get to some place dry.                            (

We’re also worried about snakes. Floodwaters displace them and they move to any dry places they can find (which are usually the same places people gather for refuge). We saw a couple of huge cobras on the campus before this round of flooding. Now we worry about where they are!

Jay and Romola postponed their return to India because their daughter and her family needed help for a couple of weeks. This proved to be a blessing since it was unlikely the Henry’s could have gotten through to Damoh with this flooding. They are now scheduled to return to India on September 2nd. Please pray for their safe return. 

Also please pray for our rapid recovery from the effects of the flood. We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support during trying times like these. May God bless you.

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