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Greetings from India!

August 2015

We need your help!

Many of you may know that the Henry and McFarland families were here this summer. (In fact, they just returned to India.) But, what you probably don’t know about are the serious medical problems Jay had to deal with while they were here.

First, Jay had to have eye surgery to save his sight. He had a wrinkle on his retina that had to be corrected. The surgery went well.

But, more seriously, Jay had to be hospitalized twice. He has thyroid issues that caused heart and stomach problems; then complications with medication destroyed the lining of his stomach. He’s also diabetic, so he had to also deal with ensuing sugar problems. Jay was a very sick puppy, becoming so ill that he had to cancel his speaking engagements and most of his travel. He lost 20 pounds (and he is not what you call a big guy to begin with).

Things are even more difficult. Most medicines in India are fake. In fact, a doctor friend of ours checked all the medicines Jay brought from India and, sure enough, they were all fake (and loaded with steroids). So, although Jay and the family are back in India, he is still very weak, and only has enough real medicine to last a month.

Naturally, we need your prayers.

We also need your help paying all the hospital, doctor, and other medical bills. The Henry’s had no medical insurance, so this hits hard. Any amount you can send is greatly appreciated. Just mark your donation for medical expenses.

We’ll keep you posted on Jay’s health, medication issues and other events.


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