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Greetings from India

March-April, 2016

Rutajit* is a citizen of Nepal. 40 years ago, he was a devout Hindu leader. He collected a large following of people because they thought he performed many supernatural acts. Some even believed he cured them of various aliments. His followers showered him with offerings of money, grain and other foods. He was considered very rich and was living a life of luxury. This was his “business” for 15 years.

During this time, he married a Hindu girl and had three children. Shortly after the birth of his third child, Rutajit met a Christian family who invited him to attend their prayer meetings. Gradually they began discussing religion, and Rutajit admitted that he felt something missing in his life: He had no peace.

A few weeks later, Rutajit became ill and, to his astonishment, found he could not heal himself. He went to his Christian friends and asked for prayers. They prayed continuously for him. Slowly he recovered. When he was healthy and well, he wanted to study more deeply about this faith called “Christianity.” After many discussions and much study, he decided to accept Jesus and be baptized. As Rutajit shared his thoughts and feelings with his wife, she accepted Jesus as well.

This meant a big change in their lives. The couple had to give up their followers and all the riches they brought. And, because he was uneducated, Rutajit became a manual laborer for a local businessman. He had to carry heavy loads of merchandise on his back, walking many miles to deliver the goods.

Their third child, Hanok, was still a baby when this change came. His parents decided when he became old enough, they would send him to Bible College so he could tell more people about the only True God. Indeed, Hanok came to Bethlehem Bible College in January 2012 and graduated last winter. Now, he helps lead our praise and worship at the chapel every morning and evening, and helps our cook in the cafeteria. (He is a terrific singer and guitar player, and a pretty good cook too!)

We thank God for families who raise their children to love God and grow them into young men, like Hanok, who dedicate themselves to God’s service.

Kids of India

*Name changed to protect the family.

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