Bethlehem Bible College

Although India boasts an acient civilization, its history as a modern nation is relatively short. As part of the struggle to build a national identity, foreign missionaries became unwelcome in the 1960's. Indian Christians wrestled with the resulting lack of church leadership, eventually recognizing the need to train their own leaders. In 1989, Bethlehem Bible College, with classes taught in Hindi, began meeting in the founder's living room. When the college outgrew his living room, classrooms were built, followed soon by a men's dorm. (Many thanks to Kentucky Christian University and other Christian colleges for helping us establish a curriculum, making suggestions, and encouraging us along the way. You have truly blessed us.) By 2007, over 300 graduates were serving God, many of them as preachers in village churches planted by Bethlehem Bible College.

In addition to offering a full-term college degree program (which includes vocational training as well), we also conduct short courses, seminars, workshops, camps and conferences for church leaders. The college does not charge any tuition. Students work in the kitchen, clean, work on the farm (which grows a cash crop the college sells to buy the food they eat), do building repair and construction, and other chores as necessary.

Most of our students still struggle to find the money to attend full-time; often their families can provide no help. Indeed, many of them must still find ways to help support their families! Even after they graduate, most of the young men still need support. The villages they serve are so poor that the local congregations cannot afford to pay even a small salary. Yet these men's service is crucial--here are God's servants who speak the language, eat the food, wear the same clothing, understand the culture; who belong.

Your support could see a man through college and out into the field. Your support of one man working for our Lord over the years could impact thousands of lives. It is something to consider.

Our Staff

In 1969, Dr. J. Henry joined Dr. Vijai Lall at the inception of Mid-India Christian Missions and has been involved with the work ever since. He was instrumental in many of the mission's projects including the eye hospital and the day school. Founder of the Bethlehem Bible College and current director of the board, he teaches full-time at the college.

He holds a PhD from Temple Baptist College as well as a master's degree in Religious Education from Cincinnati Christian University and a master's degree in Commerce from Jobalpur University.

E. McFarland joined Dr. Henry in 1992. He is president of Bethlehem Bible College, manages the everyday operations of the college, teaches part-time, and makes many trips to the field to encourage the Christians in outlaying villages and towns.

He holds a master's degree in Practical Ministry from Cincinnati Christian University and a master's degree from Nagpur University.